Hello and thanks so much for visiting!

I’m Airi and this is my blog about how food, fashion, decor and design really is art.  Four of my all time favorite things.

As long as I can remember I always loved designing, creating and learning about new ways to bake, decorate, dress, etc.  Browsing through the Company’s Coming cookbooks as a teenager and getting the next colored book in Jean Pare’s series was a highlight [I know, what a nerd!  “Ms. Pare, your recipes are great but your style, well, if you ever need a stylist, feel free to call!” (hint, hint!)], along with my obsession of Seventeen magazines, flipping through the pages long after the following months’ issues had come and gone.  Naturally as I got into my twenties these interests led to decorating and decor.

This blog is really a journal of my personal choices and thoughts of my four loves.  As the famous 3rd century quote states “beauty is in the eye of the beholder“, so I hope you enjoy my version of this well known statement.

Stay a while and enjoy your visit!!


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